Ukrainian Philatelist #109 Image Closeups

Ukrainian Philatelist #109 (©2013) published an article titled Military Free of Postage Hand-Stamps, page 32. This article was a compilation of material and information supplied by Roman Dubyniak, Peter Cybaniak, and Mark Stelmacovich. Most recently, Jerry Tkachuk submitted a further bogus cover in addition to that which I owned. Supplied here in the ‘UPNS members’ access part of our website are the scans that were part of this article, in the case that our members would like to examine these items as such. The several scans that were part of the ‘Contemporary Ukrainian Imperforates’ article are also included herein as such, and more! 

 Imperforates Contemporary 3b new def blockMilitary Cover Free of Postage Type 4b

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