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Presentation: Ukrainian Provisionals 1992 to 1995


This is a ‘voiced-over powerpoint’ presentation that is about 2½-hours. Each given slide is different in length as the result of content explanation.

Why the Need for these Provisionals? Primary reasons: a) inadequate supply of national issues due to lack of facilities; strategic USSR assets were ‘centralized’; thus, no modern and secure mint and print facilities in Ukraine; b) inadequate distribution network to all post offices; system had been Russia-centred for several decades; it now had to be reconfigured to Ukraine; Secondary reasons: c) the need to repatriate what had been a russified system; d) inflation-hyperinflation; at the very first minute of 02 January 1992, Ukrainian denomination was 8-to-1; but on 05 December 1993 it was 12,600-to-1, and by 09 December 1994 110,000-to-1. Yikes, and given this ‘trend’, there was a dramatic effect on the postal system and all of its ‘adjuncts’! However such variables, otherwise deleterious, resulted in an interestingly complex postage system and stamp production routine during this period.

Many thanks to the ‘Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society’, the ‘Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada’, and to the several individuals and philatelic show judges for their insights and words of wisdom. It is my hope that those watching this presentation ‘get hooked on the paradise of philately’ as a reflection of real history, if this hasn’t already happened!



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