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Eugene Kotyk Award


For best article in the previous year’s Ukrainian Philatelist

1987    Jerry G. Tkachuk "First Intemational Airmail Service in the World"
1988   Roman Smyk "Commemorative Issue Celebrating the Millennium of Christianity in Rus-Ukraine 988-1988"
1989   Ingert Kuzych "Philately in Ukraine"
1990   Andrew Cronin "Pre-Stamp and Stampless Mail from Carpatho—Ukraine" and "Pre-Stamp Mail and Adhesives Used in Carpatho-Ukraine Until 1871"
1991   Ingert Kuzych "Ukraine’s Pictorial Set of 1920: The Vienna Issue"
1993   Stephen Hawryluk "The Zhmerynka (Podilia) Trident Overprints"
Peter Bylen "Collecting Western Ukraine: A Continuing Challenge”
David P. Belesky “Lviv: Postmarks Through the Centuries”
1995   Hryhoriy Lobko "Ukraine: Local Provisionals for 1992-93"
1996   Peter Bylen "Western Ukraine: Forgeries and Fantasies"
2001   Andrew O. Martyniuk "Identifying Ukrainian Provisional Stamps"
Karen Lemiski “The Regional Costume Series from Regensburg, Camp Ganghofersiedlung: An Expression of National Identity”
Alexander Epstein “More Ukrainian Miscellany –Classical Issues”
Alexander Epstein (2nd) “Classic Ukrainian Trident Issues: Kyiv Postal District”
Andrew O. Martyniuk (2nd) “Collecting Ukrainian Telephone Cards: A General Introduction”
Alexander Epstein (3rd) “Classic Ukrainian Trident Issues: Katerynoslav and Odessa Postal/Telegraph Districts”
Andrij Solczanyk & George Fedyk “Operation ‘Frantic’ of the U.S. Air Force in 1944”
2005   Alexander Epstein (4th) “The Postal Rates of Independent Ukraine, 1918-1920”
2006   Jay Carrigan “Carpatho-Ukraine: A Catalog of the 1939 and 1945 Issues”
2007   Ingert Kuzych (3rd) “The Stanyslaviv Issue Reexamined”
2008   W. David Ripley III “The German Occupation of Ukraine During World War II”
2009   Ihor G. Kulczycky "Gems of Western Ukraine Postal Issues: Collecting Print Plate Errors, Part II - The First Two Stanyslaviv Issues"
2010   Ingert Kuzych (4th) "A Chronology for the Issuance of Western Ukraine Stamps"
2011   John Roberts "Currency Stamp Issues in Ukraine: 1915-1919"
2012   Ihor G. Kulczycky (2nd) "The Franking of Western Ukrainian Mail 1918-1919"
2013   Mark Stelmacovich "Some Ukrainian Philatelic Material As Viewed Through the Foster & Freeman Video Spectral Comparator Part II"
2014   Roman Procyk "Shahivky and Perforations: 50 Years After Ian Baillie’s Pioneering Study"
2015   Roman Procyk "Shahivky and Perforations: 50 Years After Ian Baillie’s Pioneering Study"
2016   Ingert Kuzych "Ukraine’s Vienna Issue: a 9-decade Journey to Postal Fulfillment"
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