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Golden Trident Award

UPNS is proud to relaunch the Golden Trident Award (formerly Wes Capar Award 1993-2013) to encourage and promote the showing of Ukraine and Ukraine-related material at national philatelic exhibitions.  This is a once-a-year award at the national exhibition where the UPNS designates its Ukrainepex or once-a-calendar-year per any UPNS chapter that co-ordinates its exhibition with its country's national-level exhibition.

golden trident award


1985 Dominick Ricio  
1986 Wesley Capar  
1987 Andrew Cronin  
1988 Andrij D. Solczanyk  
1989 Ingert Kuzych  
1990 Peter Bylen  
1991 Andrij D. Solczanyk  
1998 Juan Page and Dominick Ricio  
2014 Andrew Martiniuk The Overprint and Use in Ukraine of the Two Kopek Russian Coat-of-Arms Stamp
2015 Mark Stelmacovich Ukrainian Provisional Postage Stamps
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