Ukrainian Collectibles Society of Australia

Australian-Ukrainian Heritage Personalised Stamp No.3/4

What is planned to be issued?

UCS will invite all major national and state Ukrainian organisations to participate in this project but this will depend on whether specific organisations wish to be a part of the project. On this basis it is unclear exactly how many issues there will be or how long the project will run.  UCS plans to issue 2 separate issues at least three times a year depending upon the responses from organisations and other administrative issues.

The first issues were released on 1 November 2010. They were dedicated to the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations and the Ukrainian Youth Association CYM .

Project Details

Personalised Stamps

Commemorative First Day Cover (FDC) envelopes

Orders and payment

UECA Order Form

Dnister Order Form

Delivery of ordered items

All ordered items will be sent in the week following release in a single package to the address indicated on the Order Form, unless any FDC are to be posted direct to the purchaser on the day of issue.

Prices and Costs (all prices in AUD)

Additional Information