Ukrainian Collectibles Society of Australia

Australia Releases Plast Personalised Stamp and Commemorative Envelope

Who is facilitating this project?

George Fedyk of Bandura Collectibles is facilitating this project on behalf of KPS Australia. George is a lifelong member of Plast and a member of the Chornomortsi kurin. He has expertise is releasing these stamps and envelopes being the project manager for the Ukrainian Collectibles Society (UCS) which is currently releasing stamps and covers for the “Ukrainian Heritage in Australia” series. He will be responsible for preparing, producing and distributing these philatelic items.

What is planned to be issued?

PLAST Order Form

Personalised Stamps

Commemorative First Day Cover (FDC) envelopes

Pre-release orders and payment

Delivery of ordered items

Prices and Costs (all prices in AUD)

Additional Information