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Single issues and supplements up to No. 80 are only $3 each.

Double issues and issues beginning with No.82 are $8 each.

For every issue ordered add postage - US add $2; Canada add $4; overseas add $6 to total.  Note:  certain issues are very limited.

Issue No.

Selected Highlights

(Every Issue Contains Many Additional Articles)

59 40th Anniversary Issue; UPNS History, Show Covers; C.M.T. Stamps of Western Ukraine; All-Time Membership List **SOLD OUT**
62 Sup. Special Supplement to No. 62: Ostarbeiter Mail from WWII, Ostarbeiter Patches, Crimean Philately
65/66 Lviv Postal History; 1939 CU Issue; articles on Ukrainian Coins, Medals, and Flags
67 Courier Field Post Issue; Local Provisionals 1992-93; Forgeries of Documentary and DP Camp Stamps
69/70 Kyiv, Lviv, and Chernihiv Trident Overprints and many other Provisional Issues articles; DP Camp Stamps
71/72 Marks on the Backs of Trident Overprinted Stamps; Crownland Court Stamps of Lviv; Provisional Issues 1992-94
73/74 West. Ukraine Forgeries; Provisionals From Melitopil/Bukovyna; Postal Service in Transnistria 1941-44
75 Contemporary Army Mails; Shramchenko Handstamps; Express Mail; Provisionals Update; Cancellations 1991-93
76 Ukrainian Revenue Issues of 1918; Kowel Issue of 1919; Fluorescence on Stamps; Crimean Railway Posts
77/78 Ukrainian Philatelist Index 1951-1996; Ukrainian Philatelist (Vienna) Index 1925-1939; UPNS Award Winners
79 Ukrainian Forgeries; Antarctic Covers; Transnistria; Stamp Luminescence; Recent Discoveries **SOLD OUT**
80 Rail Mails in Ukraine; Stationery Revaluation 1991-92; Classic Ukraine Transfer Cards and Stationery
81 Thematic Issues; Local Provisionals From Chernihiv Oblast; CU Mukachiv Overprints of 1944 **SOLD OUT**
82 New Info on 1920 Postal Issues; Topical Issues; Ukrainian Themes on Trade Dollars; More Provisional Info
83 Mariupil Issue of 1919; First Western Ukraine Stamps; Topical Issues; Identifying Provisional Stamps
84 DP Camp Regensburg Issues; Classic Ukraine Miscellany; Podillia Trident Overprints; Commemorative Postmarks 1992-99
85 50th Anniversary Issue; UPNS Chapter Histories, Show Covers; Art of Jaciw; Ukrainian Topics on Stamps of the World, 1990-2000
86 Ukraine’s 10th Anniversary in Philately; Hutsul Battalion; First Regular & International Airmail Service; Classic Tridents; Narbut Prize
87 Classic Tridents of Kyiv; Lviv Issue of Western Ukraine; Ukraine-Related Postmarks, 1877-1950; Stamps of Carpatho-Ukraine; More About the Hutsul Battalion; extensive publication reviews **SOLD OUT**
88 Classic Tridents of Kharkiv; Ukrainian Telephone Cards; Revised Ukraine Listings in Scott Catalogue; First Regular Postal Service in Ukraine; Stampshow-Ukrainpex 2002 Retrospective
89 Classic Tridents of Katerynoslav; Marks on the Backs of Stamps; various thematics-related articles
90 Classic Tridents of Odesa; Gems from the First Airmail Service; Holodomor Stamp; Commemorating the Brest-Litovsk Treaty
91 Skalat Issue, Poltava tridents, five articles on Western Ukrainian issues
92 Postal Rates in Ukraine, 1918-20; Money Transfer Cards from Bessarabia,; The Tale of Ihor’s Campaign
93 Classic Tridents of Podillia; Postal Stationery and Postal Forms of Independent Ukraine, 1918-19
94 Special Carpatho-Ukraine Issue includes: Stamps of C-U, 1939 and 1945; Catalog of C-U Issues; C-U Postal Stationery; Kolomyia Provisional Postal Cards of 1941 **SOLD OUT**
95 Classic Tridents Overview; German Occupation of Ukraine in WWII; Balloon Flights with Ukrainian Connections; Treaty of Brest-Litovsk; West. Ukraine; DP Camps; medals **SOLD OUT**
96 German Occupation of Ukraine in WWII, Part 2 – Provisional Issues; two articles on the Stanyslaviv Issues; Postal Rates of Western Ukraine; Ivan Franko and Music; DP camp mails
97 German Occupation of Ukraine in WWII, Part 3 – Local Issues; Kharkiv rail mail; three West. Ukraine articles; diplomatic mail of WU; numismatics of Carpatho-Ukraine; Ivan Franko in Philately
98 Classic Ukrainian-Topic Foreign Stationery, 1920-1945; Courier Field Post; three West. Ukraine articles
99 Ukrainian Postal History 1917-1923; Courier Field Post; Earliest Western Ukraine covers; Lviv post office; Carpatho-Ukraine topical philately
100 Favorite Collectibes; Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic Mail; Western Ukraine Express Mail; Mariupil Issue; Narbut Prize results
101 Improving Philatelic Exhibits; Mariupil Issue Revisited; Western Ukraine Print Plate Errors
102 Ekonomat Document; WU Print Plate Errors (cont.); WU Postal Stationery; Soviet Ukraine, 1917-1923
103 Trident-Overprinted Revenue Stamps; Court Delivery Stamps; Schierhorn Covers; Pysanky on Stamps
104 Gmund Refugee Camp Mail, WU Stamp Chronology, WU Print Plates, 1920 Vienna Issue Redux
105 Ukraine-Themed Postal Cards, 1923 Famine Issue, Modern Provisionals, Division “Halychyna” Mail
106 Ukrainian Philatelist Index 1997-2011, World’s First Postal Code, Currency Stamps, Zelonka Auction
107 Western Ukraine cancellations, censorship, local issues; Petliura Provisionals, Recent Forgeries

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