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Ukrainian Philatelic Sites

Recent Ukrainian stamp issues are described and illustrated at the web site of the Ukrainian State Enterprise of Posts "UkrPoshta".  Odesa resident Simon Milkus maintains a Ukrainian stamp catalog on his personal website.

A number of European dealers carry Ukrainian stamps, including Neofila in Lithuania.

Links to a huge variety of philatelic websites, including Ukrainian, may be found on Joe Luft's philatelic resource page, as well as on PhilaGuide: The Golden Guide for Philatelists.

A valuable informational site is that of Burkhardt Schneider who runs a philatelic book service. Click on the link for direct access to the Philabooks list of worldwide philatelic literature. Currently there are about 9,000 titles available.

Numismatic Sites

Information on Ukrainian coins and banknotes is available from the National Bank of Ukraine . Another site that covers Ukrainian currency is Hryvnia. The site of Roman Olynyk also deals with Ukrainian numismatics as well as philately.

A wonderful site for viewing all sorts of historic Ukrainian coins, from ancient times to the 20th century, is the Odessa Virtual Museum of Numismatics. Although the site comes up in Russian, you can select to view in English or Ukrainian. A very fine selection of books dealing with Ukrainian numismatics and history may be found at Fridman Books. These specialty volumes are published in English, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Related Societies

Many Ukrainian, Czech and Slovak philatelists enjoy collecting Carpatho-Ukraine, an entity that has had ties with all three countries. Austria long ruled the Western Ukrainian provinces of Galicia (Halychyna) and Bukovina, so materials from those areas are also part of Ukrainian postal history. A second Austrian philatelic organization hails from the UK. They produce an excellent journal, with occasional articles related to Western Ukrainian areas.

To learn more about Russian philately check out the Rossica site. A fine source for information on zemstvo stamps is the one assembled by Rainer Fuchs. The Worldwide Society of Russian Philately keeps abreast of new issues from all the republics of the former Soviet Union.

The American Philatelic Society is the oldest and largest in the US with some 200 specialized chapters. Similary, the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada is Canada's national society for philatelists (stamp collectors, enthusiats and aficionados).

Heraldry and Vexillology

A terrific United States Senate site, World Statesmen, is a database of the rulers of nations, colonies, international and religious organizations, and other polities from about 1700 onward. Includes past and present flags, maps, constitutions, and national anthems. The largest website devoted to national, provincial, and regional coats of arms is at International Civic Arms. This excellent site displays thousands of coats of arms from around the world, including dozens from Ukraine. Many historic coats of arms from territories and entities that no longer exist are also presented. Well worth visiting, but download may be a bit slow due to the vast amount of material being transferred to your computer.

A fine site for Ukrainian heraldry also includes information on local and regional coats of arms and displays all Ukrainian stamps on the topic. Decorations of Ukraine's military may be viewed at the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Other Sites

The Chemist, 1992-1999, Ukraine (translated from Russian)
Grivna (translated from Russian)

Societe Franco Ukrainienne de Philatelie(translated from French)

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