Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society

Promoting Ukrainian stamps, coins and other collectibles

UPNS Brochure

For the World Stamp Show - NYC 2016, UPNS members Roman Procyk, Martin Tatuch and John Roberts funded a new UPNS pamphlet.  The visually stunning brochure was designed by John Nagridge of Royal Oak, Michigan.  One thing about the layout -- it is in an unconventional format.  It's a four-panel brochure.  The first page opens to a two-page imagine, and then opens again to a four-page spread that is the actual text.

Feel free to download a digital copy of the pamphlet (300 dpi, legal size) and print off copies for distribution at your own philatelic and numismatic events.  Promote Ukrainian philately and numismatics.  Promote UPNS!


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